Spatial Services


GeoCitizen – The digital georeferenced survey platform

The GeoCitizen enables digital surveys with the added value of geographic analysis. Municipalities, companies and organizations can use this web-based application to involve their citizens, customers and employees in decision-making processes and in the development and implementation of projects. The planning and coordination is made easier, more efficient and cheaper.

Overview of the GeoCitizen functions

Find out how you can quickly create a GeoCitizen account.

Information about our channels and what you can do with them.

How to create and design a survey, you can find out here.

Create a survey

Create surveys quickly and easily on the channels you manage. You can choose between short and standard surveys. In addition, you can import surveys from other channels.

Short surveys contain the most common settings. A standard survey includes more options and can also contain complex tree structures.

The possible question types are:

  • Standard questions: rating, order, multiple choice, single choice, yes/no, free text, number/unit, file upload
  • Tabular questions: single choice table, multiple choice table, input table
  • Geo-Questions: Map object single selection, map objects multiple selection, geo-sketch, create map objects, GPS/position
  • Info text: not a question per se

In the edit mode of a survey you can:

  • Change the status of a poll: Draft, Open (if the poll is open to users) and Closed
  • Change survey: In draft mode, you can change the survey as often as you like and adapt it to your requirements
  • Test survey: Send the survey to selected people without saving any entries. This serves to optimize the survey by third parties or employees
  • Share the link to the survey: To have the survey checked by testers (status: draft) or to only allow a certain group of people to vote (status: open).
  • Results: Check the results while the survey is running
  • Copy survey: Duplicate your own survey to be able to adapt it and use it again
  • Download survey as text: Download the survey as a CSV file
  • Clear answers: Attention, all answers will be deleted!
  • Delete Survey: If you are not satisfied with a survey or you simply want to delete an old survey or quiz you can do so by clicking Delete Survey and then typing “delete” in the text box and clicking “DELETE”

GeoCitizen was and is used on a pilot basis the Oö. Zukunftsakademie and the state of Upper Austria with the support of the regional management of Upper Austria as part of the “Agenda 21” program . It is now also being used as part of the follow-up program “Agenda.Zukunft” in Upper Austria. Municipalities already successfully used in numerous municipalities in Austria and Germany for digital georeferenced surveys.