Spatial Services


We offer comprehensive expertise in the field of geoinformation

Spatial data & information

  • Custom research projects undertaken collaboratively with clients from industry and public institutions
  • Generating information from qualitative and quantitative research methods to reveal new insights depending on customers’ needs
  • Analysing data for all kinds of spatial and spatio-temporal phenomena
  • Services for the acquisition, management, maintenance and analysis of spatial data

Space & spatial information: User Uptake & organisational development

  • Design, organisation and moderation of outreach, capacity building and information events (workshops, seminars, conferences)
  • Supporting local, regional, national and international actors to engage in European and global initiatives (e.g. Copernicus, GEO, UN-SPIDER)
  • Planning, management, and evaluation of development actions for international and national authorities
  • Facilitation of community-of-practice networks/clusters/working groups (e.g. Copernicus Academy, International Working Group on Satellite-based Emergency Mapping IWG-SEM))
  • Policy advice for the implementation of national & regional assessment & monitoring programmes

A small part of our references

Copernicus User Uptake
The Copernicus Value-Chain Workshop, Brussels, Belgium, Moderation of session

Copernicus User Uptake Framework Contract
World Humanitarian Summit, Istanbul, Turkey, Support to organisation of European Commission Side Event; promotion of Copernicus Emergeny Management Service

NEXTSPACE – Coperncius Next Generation Space Component, Study
User requirements for Emergency Response, Requirements assessment by literature research, questionnaire, interviews; compiling report

Conference of the African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment, Kampala, Uganda, Co-organisation of event; facilitation of B2B Meeting Europe-Africa

Copernicus User Uptake
Emergency Management Service User Workshop, Helsinki, Finland, Providing thematic input; moderation of workshop

International Working Group on Satellite based Emergency Mapping (IWG-SEM)
Fall Meeting Salzburg, Organisation and moderation of the meeting

Copernicus User Uptake
Workshop: Internationalisation of European EO campanies, Brussels, Belgium