Spatial Services


Geo Databases for your GIS project

A geographic database is part of a geographic information system (GIS). It collects spatial data that can later be used for analysis and presentation.
The essential basis of every geo database is the object-relational data model customary for such systems. A geo database is optimized for processing spatial data. It differs from traditional databases by using additional data types, which are usually based on the standard of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Geodatabases are often created by expanding classic database systems with the appropriate software.

This digitally maps spatial data, processes and objects and places them in the appropriate relationships to one another.

Technically and methodologically up to date

In addition to classic SQL commands, geodatabases allow relationships between geometries to be analyzed or new geometries to be created using spatial queries. The OGC defines i.a. the following types of commands:

  • Measurements: Calculation of lengths, areas, distances etc.
  • Functions: Modification of objects by creating buffers, convex hulls, etc.
  • Predicates: Check for conditions such as overlaps, maximum distance, etc. with return of Boolean values
  • Constructions: Creation of new geometries, i. i.e. R. by specifying edge points