Spatial Services


Our Web-GIS solutions show geodata in an easy to use format

Web GIS (Geographic-Information-Services) are applications whose core functions rely on web services (geo services) specialized for displaying and providing geo data. A specialized web application in geodata or a geobrowser can be used as a graphical user interface.

A typical desktop GIS has all GIS functionality and data on a client machine. With modern free Web GIS architectures with geoservices such as deegree, GeoServer or the UMN MapServer in connection with a web browser as a client, the functionality of the client can nearly do the same – visualization to easy GIS functions while the main workload lies with one or more servers. The only thing a user needs to have is a webbrowser.

Web GIS example: Energiemosaik

The Energy Mosaic Austria shows the energy consumption and the associated greenhouse gas emissions of all Austrian cities and communities in detail. 

The results of the modeling are prepared in a user-friendly manner with the help of our Web GIS. Eight storylines serve as an introduction, which gradually lead to our results. The main focus of the website is on the preparation of the database in the form of numerous interactive maps, detailed tables and further diagrams. Furthermore, multi-page portfolios are available for all Austrian cities and communities. Statements for regions can also be called up. Piece by piece, the individual information can be put together and together result in the energy mosaic Austria. In compliance with our terms of use, all content for science, practice, politics, administration and the public is available free of charge.