Spatial Services


GeoCitizen – The unique digital survey plattform

The one of a kind georeferenced survey helps municipalities, companies, NGOs and other user to get a detailed geographic overview of the current situation. The survey may refer to various quality of life indicators within group, for example public transportation or green spaces. It is well suited to inquiring about a wide variety of topics relevant to different stakeholders. Authorities can create and design the online survey. The evaluation is done on the fly and the results with spatial informations can presented imdediatly. The results can then downloaded as a CSV, PowerPoint or directly displayed on a seperate website.

The aim is to introduce a transparent and structured decision-making process within all involved people. GeoCitizen supports groups that can network digitally with other people and stakeholders and analyze their needs geographically.

The automatic evaluation of georeferenced surveys is a starting point for the overall development and realization of projects and helps to save time and money.

The following sections show an overview of how the platforms, the surveys and the results can look like.

How to operate the GeoCitizen can be found here:

GeoCitizen was and is used on a pilot basis the Oö. Zukunftsakademie and the state of Upper Austria with the support of the regional management of Upper Austria as part of the “Agenda 21” program . It is now also being used as part of the follow-up program “Agenda.Zukunft” in Upper Austria. Municipalities already successfully used in numerous municipalities in Austria and Germany for digital georeferenced surveys.