Spatial Services


We are your spatial experts

Spatial Services GmbH develops and implements geoinformation products and services aiming at resource efficient and sustainable development in support of climate change adaptation, stable livelihoods, secure energy supply as well as smart city and mobility planning.

As a spin-off from the University of Salzburg, the company creates a link to research results from the Interfaculty Department for Geoinformatics, Z_GIS, and incorporates current inventions into the development of user-oriented products. Interlocking research and applications enables us to bring innovative solutions to the market in a short period of time and continuously utilize processes developed in the course of research projects. Our activities are strengthened by an extended network of international partners in the field of geoinformatics.

Spatial Services’ solutions and consulting services are geared towards communities, public institutions at national and international levels, as well as NGOs and businesses.