The Spatial Services GmbH offers a fast and professional data acquisition with 3D laser scanning equipment of the latest generation. The structured processing and analysis of your data is done individually adapted to the needs of a project.

3D laser scanning enables a precise three-dimensional measurement of objects of different type and size. Thereby, a three-dimensional space gets scanned point by point with a laser beam and the distance is determined. The result is a point cloud containing the distance values for every single measured point. Scans are taken from different positions in the three-dimensional space. Afterwards, the individual scans get merged to a complete 3D model. With 3D laser scanning it is possible to adapt the range and accuracies of the laser scanner to the needs of the respective project and keep the data acquisition and data processing efficient by the high measuring speed. The acquisition of objects by means of laser scanning technique is done contactless and light-independent. That is to say that the data acquisition could also be done in the dark.

The three-dimensional point clouds, consisting of millions of measured points, are very detailed and can be supplemented with RGB information. The analysis of the data can be done at any time in different directions, therefore multi functionally. That is to say that also to a later moment it can be decided what exactly is needed from the data. This is occasionally the reason for the high efficiency of 3D laser scanning, its data acquisition is always done completely.


  • Documentations

  • Orthophotos

  • 2D-Plans

  • 3D-Models (building models, terrain models,..)

  • Visualisations

  • Animations

  • Videos


Fields of applications (Outdoor & Indoor space):

  • Anlagenbau

  • Fabrikplanung

  • digitale Fabrik

  • Umbau- und Neuplanungen

  • Bestandsdokumentation

  • Architektur

  • Bau- und Denkmalpflege

  • lückenlose Dokumentation historisch wertvoller Substanz

  • Gebäudemanagement

  • Building Information Modeling

  • Video- und Bilddokumentation

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) as a digital building model is an intelligent method for digital planning and documentation of buildings. Often, only outdated or insufficient accurate plans are available. BIM offers a complete coverage of a building with very high accuracy. Even hardly accessible areas can be acquired. Based on a high-precision model, all processes associated with the planning process and implementation could be coordinated optimally. It is advantageous that the model is complete and detailed but still easy to understand. Hence, the model can be used as a highly-accurate data basis, for instance to create detailed quotation with exact cost calculations. The planning, building construction and usage can take place integratively based on a single high-precision model. Thus, clarity is ensured to all involved at each point in time.

Indoor Mapping

In a time of increasing complexity and size of buildings, indoor mapping as well as indoor positioning and navigation takes on an important role. Particularly for large buildings which are used by many people, indoor mapping and navigation creates an added value, e.g.:

  • Airports

  • Shopping malls

  • Public buildings

  • Museums

  • Exhibitions

  • Stadium

Gebäude können mittels 3D Laserscanning einfach, schnell und vollständig aufgenommen werden unabhängig von Größe, Struktur oder Funktionalität. Die aufgenommenen Daten werden individuell für Ihr Vorhaben aufbereitet, beispielsweise:

  • 2D-Plans

  • 3D-Models (building models, terrain models,..)

  • 3D Visualisations (halls, single rooms,…)

  • Emergency plans

  • Visitor Guidance Systems

  • Virtual Tours

  • Indoor Navigation