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Spatial Services

Geoinformatics Solutions and GIS-Consulting Under One Roof

Spatial Services GmbH develops and implements geoinformatics products and processes which aim for resource efficient and sustainable development for the climate and environment, energy supply as well as city and transit planning.

As a spin-off from the University of Salzburg, the company creates a link to research results from the Interfaculty Department for Geoinformatics, Z_GIS, and incorporates current results directly into the development of their products. This interlocking of research and practice enables innovative solutions to be brought to market in a relatively short time, as well as to continuously utilize processes developed in the course of research projects. This is further supported by close connection with international partners in the field of geoinformatics.

Spatial Services’ solutions and consulting services are geared towards communities, public institutions at national and international levels, as well as NGOs and businesses.

  • Launch research results onto the market more effectively

  • Base funding on results rather than proposals

  • Be able to offer products and services beyond the scope of research projects

  • Enable division of labour in innovative processes through the collaboration with the University and other research- and education facilities

  • Transfer knowledge between all involved through personal contacts. In particular, this also includes implicit knowledge of project contexts, which is not fully codified

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