Use Geospatial Data to Secure Lifes

Overview for crucial situations

We can help to support your daily work with satellite based analyses and information products.
Things we are capable of:

  • providing satellite-based information and analysis (based on very high resolution satellite imagery or drone imagery)
  • risk and vulnerability analysis (where are people at which risk and how to prepare/train the population) – analyse risk exposure using satellite technology and on-site assessments; identify risks, hazards/threats and vulnerabilities on a local and/or regional level
  • mapping and monitoring – this information is used for planning field work, infrastructure, vaccination campaign, etc
  • disaster response/ emergency response – rapid mapping when disasters happen to deliver up-to-date information where it is needed; after a disaster/crisis it is necessary to get a first overview on the structure of the affected city/region
  • crisis extent and damage to start the work on site and plan and coordinate it (e.g. after cyclone: detect flooded areas and overlay it with population area)
  • up-to-date detailed (local) information information, easy to understand visualizations
  • capacity building and training – we also provide webinars, on-site training of NGO staff learning basic GIS tools, apps they could use for field validation, how to read maps, how to interpret and analyse satellite imagery‚Ķ
  • individual solutions based on your needs

Our NGO Services

We offer a range of services to support your NGO in becoming strong, resilient and future proof.

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Emergency Management
Aerial Imagery
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