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Emergency Mapping

SOS Children’s Villages are at home all over the world (567 children’s villages, as of 2016). Many children’s villages are located in particularly vulnerable regions and are considered in their environment as places of safety and protection. Accordingly, they are particularly vulnerable to local and regional disasters and crisis events …to the service

Geothermal potentials

Around half of the energy used in a building is used for heating and cooling. Programs, such as the European Energy Directive 2050, aim to reduce carbon dioxide and expand renewable energy. Accordingly, the share of renewable energies must increase to 55% by 2050 …to the service


3D laser scanning enables a precise three-dimensional measurement of objects of all kinds and sizes. Here, a three-dimensional space is scanned point by point with a laser beam and a distance measure is determined in each case. This results in a point cloud containing the distance measures for each point …to the service

Drone surveys

Surveying from the air using a UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, also called a drone, is the modern way of surveying and creating very accurate digital 3D models. By using modern drone and camera technology, high-resolution aerial images can be recorded from which 3D models of an object or a landscape can be calculated …to the service

Geothermal potentials

We offer comprehensive expertise in the field of geoinformation and have a broad portfolio of process, organisational development and research-based consulting leveraging our comprehensive expertise, complemented by experts from national and international research institutions …to the service