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Analysing environmental and physiological processes using stationary, mobile and wearable sensors for monitoring environmental conditions, quality of life and urban systems.


Analysis of the change dynamics of objects and their relevant features through automated and integrated image processing based on remote sensing data from satellites, LiDAR or UAS.


Analysis, visualisation and interpretation of complex spatio-temporal phenomena of the society-environment nexus (such as vulnerability, climate change adaptation, ecosystem services) through integrated spatial indicators.

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A complete solution for sustainable and customised development strategies for national-, regional- and local administration is offered under the heading Be Smart!

The module SmartThermo demonstrates spatially explicit potentials for the use of renewable energy for the heating and cooling of houses. Further modules, such as SmartGreen and SmartSensors, offer solutions for the ascertainment of the environmental state and the development of the natural resources and quality of life. The solutions are offered as all-inclusive or modular concepts, are adaptable and extendable, and can be integrated into existing geoinformatics solutions and portals.