Geoinformation products for communities, companies, NGOs, politics and individuals


GeoCitizen enables digital citizen participation and networking at the local level. Municipalities can use this web-based application to involve their citizens in decision-making processes and to participate in the development and implementation of municipal projects. The planning and coordination of community projects and volunteer work is thus facilitated …to the product

Environmental Sensors

Current geodata, which provide an overview of the state and changes in air, soil and water, are gaining in importance in the face of increasing extreme events. In day-to-day project work, a great deal of the time and resources are spent solely on the search, acquisition and acquisition of data. About 60 to 80% of the project resources are currently needed on average …to the product

With the Augmented Reality Sandbox you can easily create your own worlds. Simply forming a real-time topography with your bare hands, such as mountains and valleys – there are hardly any limits to your imagination. Then altitude levels can be visualized and precipitation simulated. Thus, the Augmented Reality Sandbox offers not only children, but also adults creative freedom to try out the modern AR technology for yourself and get to know the technology behind it in a simple but also fascinating way …to the product