Augmented Reality Sandbox

Creating your own world in an easy way with the Augmented Reality Sandbox. Form a real-time topography such as mountains and valleys with bare hands – there are no limits to the imagination. Visualize altitudinal belts and simulate precipitation. Thereby, the Augmented Reality Sandbox offers creative space not only for children but also for adults to check out the AR technology and come to know better the technology behind in a simple but concurrently fascinating way.

The Augmented Reality Sandbox consists of a range camera, a projector, a computer equipped with the AR Sandbox software and the sandbox itself, which can be filled either with normal sand or with kinetic sand. The range camera type Kinect gathers the landform configuration of the sand which can be formed by hand just as you like. The projector projects the texture corresponding to the relief onto the surface of the sand in different colors according to the height. Hands held above the sandbox act as rain clouds. Precipitation from the rain clouds runs down the slopes dependent on the relief and cumulates at the lowest areas.

The Augmented Reality Sandbox is not only a highlight for universities and schools but also at visitor centers of national parks, science centers or museums.