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EMMA – Emergency Mapping

Satellite-based information in emergency situations

SOS Children’s Villages are at home all over the world

SOS Children’s Villages are uniquely vulnerable to local and regional disasters and crisis events due to their extensive presence and integration into communities across the globe (567 in 2016), and their status in those communities as a place of safety and shelter.

In disaster and crisis events, SOS must be prepared to act quickly and decisively to ensure the safety of children, staff and others in its care. In such events, up-to-date intelligence on the situation in surrounding environments is crucial.

Information derived from Earth Observation (EO) satellites has been shown to assist humanitarian aid organizations in improving preparedness for disasters and crises. Such information on e.g. groundwater monitoring, forced migrations, weather and drought updates, flood mapping, flood forecast/modelling, and others, can help aid workers prepare for threats before they occur, and react efficiently to unforeseen events.

To bring the latest in innovative emergency response to SOS Children’s Villages, the SOS Global Emergency Response (GER) unit has teamed up with Spatial Services, Allianz SE and DHL to develop a comprehensive, web-based emergency management system for the entire SOS federation.



The SOS Emergency Management System (EMMA) incorporates several key information resources into a single online platform: Resilience360, by DHL, which visualizes and tracks relevant threat alerts in near real-time around the world. For SOS Children’s Villages, the system will cover all villages across the entire SOS federation, and will alert us to incidents, threats and hazards as they occur or evolve. In collaboration with Spatial Services a service platform is been developed which combines (a) Early Warning Information that will trigger alerts on natural and man-made disasters as observed by satellites and integrated prediction models provided by existing global disaster warning systems (such as GDACS) and (b) an Emergency Mapping Service, that will allow SOS Children’s Villages to request up-to-date satellite maps of relevant areas during and after disasters, supporting SOS staff to target areas affected by events such as flood, landslides, or damaged roads, and manage crisis situations more effectively. In parallel, the specific vulnerabilities of SOS Children Villages – initially following a priority list – are assessed to support the Emergency Preparedness for SOS Children’s Villages EPREP program

What we offer

  • Rapid provision, processing and analysis of satellite imagery during natural or man-made disasters worldwide
  • Production of maps and crisis information
  • For SOS Children’s Village and their surrounding area
  • Support of situation assessment of the affected region
  • On-call duty: 365 days

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